Blackberry specifications


Blackberry specifications

BlackBerry Functions.
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- HxWxD 4.6 x 3.1 x 0.70 in / 117 x 78.5 x 18 mm
Weight is 139g (i.e. 4.9oz)
- Full Graphic Monochrome LCD with Backlighting
- 8 MB flash memory plus 1 MB SRAM
Standard features. Memory
- 8 MB flash memory plus 1 MB SRAM (If your battery runs down, all information is saved securely on the handheld) Interfaces
- Thumb-operated trackwheel; 32-key QWERTY-style keypad with numeric and symbol functions
Full graphic LCD with backlighting. 160 X 160 pixel viewable area Power Supply
Rechargeable internal Lithium Ion cell battery; rechargeable via docking cradle when docked and connected to Power AC Adapter Software
BlackBerry™ Server Software for Microsoft Exchange
BlackBerry™ from O2 integrates with a user's Microsoft Exchange mailbox without the need for a secondary email address. The BlackBerry™ Enterprise Server (BES) leverages the Microsoft information store, creating a solution that is centrally administered by the IT department, completely scalable and secure. Centralised management and control
BlackBerry™ Enterprise Server (BES) software runs as a service to Windows NT. BES administrative tools are integrated with Microsoft Administrator, thereby simplifying management and reducing cost of ownership. Scalable wireless messaging architecture
The BlackBerry™ solution has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing IT infrastructure, providing a corporate wireless platform. Once a BES has been installed, up to 500 BlackBerry™ users can be initialised.

Easy, low cost administration
Through integration with Microsoft Exchange and support for common performance monitoring and time saving administrative tools, BlackBerry™ Enterprise Server offers simplified set-up, configuration and administration.

End-to-end security
BlackBerry™ incorporates advanced triple DES encryption technology to meet stringent corporate security guidelines for remote email access. Email messages remain encrypted at all points between the BlackBerry™ Wireless Handheld and your corporate email account, ensuring the integrity and security of the data. Since triple DES is considered unbreakable you can feel confident about sending and receiving confidential information.
There is also added security on the handheld with password protection to prevent other users from using your BlackBerry™.

Desktop Manager
Provides easy synchronisation capabilities between the BlackBerry™ and your PC. Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook