Blackberry Tips, Hints and Cheats


Blackberry Tips, Hints and Cheats

BlackBerry Tips and Cheats
BlackBerry users love their handheld for its fast, seamless E-mail and comfortable form factor. But using the rest of its many capabilities doesn't have to be a futile exercise in thumb wheel fiddling. I've put together a list of the most important shortcuts for BlackBerry 8700 series, which includes devices like the T-Mobile 8700g and the new Sprint 8703e and Verizon 8703e models. I've also provided tips for everything from working with the smart phone's calendar to browsing the Web, plus several pointers on using E-mail, the Blackberry's raison d'ĂȘtre. Follow these tips to get the most out of your BlackBerry addiction:

• Navigate quickly around calendar views by pressing D for Day, W for Week, M for Month, and A for Agenda. For this to work, you'll need to set Enable Quick Entry field to No under Calendar Options.
• Deleting older messages is easy; simply click a date field and choose Delete Prior.
• Find any contact in your address book by typing out the contact's name or initials, separated by a space.
• When browsing the Web, make quick work of visiting favorite sites by pressing K to open your bookmarks. To add a new bookmark at any time, press A.
• Press and hold any letter in order to capitalize it. Often it's faster to do this than to set a mode or press another key first. To turn on CAP-Lock, press Alt + Right Shift (CAP).
• To move down a page while reading a message, press the Spacebar. This works on other screens, too. Moving back up a page is just as easy; press Shift plus the Spacebar at any time.
• Dial a phone number with letters (such as 1-800-WIN-CASH) by pressing Alt and typing each letter with the QWERTY keyboard.
• Use the Symbol (Sym) and Currency ($) keys to enter special characters not visible on the keyboard.
• To activate the backlighting at any time, press (but don't hold) the Power button.
• The Space key lets you enter in an @ symbol when typing an E-mail message. Press the Space bar twice to insert a period. The next letter will automatically be capitalized.
• Selecting special characters is simple; press and hold the letter key in question. Then adjust the thumb wheel up and down to move through the available choices.
• The Escape button is useful for exiting any screen, or to stop any Web page from loading.

Blackberry Hints and Tips - How to view your Event Log

The tip- which is amassing a considerable number of page views- concerns how to bring up your device's Event Log to view events. I've added some additional information.Here's what you need to do:
- Hold down the ALT key.
- With the ALT key depressed, type LGLG. The Event Log appears.
- In the Event Log, highlight the Event name and press the Enter key. A list of Events appears.
- To view detailes for an Event, once again highlight the event and press the Enter key. An Event - Properties box opens (as shown on the right).