Photoshop Goes Mobile But Not Really

Photoshop Goes Mobile But Not Really
-- A Photoshop sans image editing capabilities

Adobe's Photoshop, considered by many the best and most comprehensive graphic editor created in the relatively short history of PCs, will come to mobile phones this fall. However, before jumping around with joy, thinking that you'll be soon able to photochop anything while on the go, you should know that the mobile Photoshop is not actually a "conversion" of the desktop application.

According to the official Adobe website, Photoshop Mobile (or Adobe Mobile, in its full name) does not have photo editing capabilities. Instead, it is a portal where users can upload photos directly from their mobile devices. Furthermore, you can make a "Mobile Share album" from your handset then invite your buddies to check it out (provided that you have also put some pictures in it).

Adobe is offering 5GB of storage space at no costs, or 20GB for premium customers (there's no word yet on the fees required for the premium accounts).

Photoshop Mobile will be available as a free beta application, starting September. For the beginning, only a handful of Windows Mobile devices will be supported, including: Samsung Blackjack I, Samsung Blackjack II, Motorola Q 9m, Motorola Q9h and Palm Treo 750w/wx. With the help of ShoZu, though, other devices will be able to make use of the new app, such as: Apple's iPhone, BlackBerry Pearl, Nokia 5310, Nokia 6301 and Motorola RAZR.

So, in the end, the mobile Photoshop will be just another alternative for Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and all the other similar services. Too bad, because photoshopping from your handset might turn out to be really cool – if the limitations of the small screens are overcome. Well, maybe in a couple of years we'll be able to do this too – until then, all you photoshoppers out there, stay close to your desktop stations and their wide, vibrant displays.