BenQ-Siemens SF65 Review

Siemens SF65 Review
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The BenQ-Siemens SF65 is a compact & stylish clamshell opening mobile phone which comes in a choice of colours which include polar white & onyx black. The phone has a very smooth coated finish which makes it highly desirable in looks. The handset is very solid & robust for a clamshell phone & weighs 97 grams which provides a quality feel. The size of the handset is 91 x 44 x 23 mm which provides a very usable & compact feel. The phone is similar in features to the Nokia 2652 & the Nokia V220 mobile phones but all the phones have a very unique & attractive look of their own.

The phone comes with a 65k colour screen (128 x 160 pixels) which will provide the user with a colourful display. The SF65 comes with a built in 1.3 megapixel camera with 4 x zoom & flash feature. The camera can be operated by the user opening the clamshell mechanism then twisting the screen 180 degrees & repositioning the screen in the opposite position. The phone looks like a small digital camera & all the operating camera keys can be used very easily when the screen is in this position.

The SF65 comes complete with a choice of ringtones so that the user can select a tone to suit their mood. The sound quality in the BenQ-Siemens SF65 is good & the user can use the volume control to increase the volume of their chosen ringtone. The phone comes with a vibrating alert feature which provides the user with not only a ringtone but the motion of the handset will let the user know when a call is coming in.

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