Blackberry known problems - photo, talks, connection, address, overall


Blackberry known problems - photo, talks, connection, address, overall
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If you have previously used PocketMac for BlackBerry you should perform one last sync using PocketMac so that your device and Mac are up to date. Then uninstall PocketMac before installing the Missing Sync. The Missing Sync installer will uninstall two PocketMac KEXT extensions, if found, to prevent conflicts. To use PocketMac again you would have to reinstall.

If you sync wirelessly with a BES BlackBerry Enterprise Wireless server, you must disable the wireless sync on the BlackBerry when syncing with the Mac. To disable wireless synchronization, go to the specific application (Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, or Memos), then click the wheel and choose Options > Wireless Synchronization, and set it to "No." You then have to "Save" the setting. If you plan to sync with the BES server later you need to follow the above steps and choose "Yes" for the Wireless Synchronization option for each application.

Some non-English character sets, like Greek, cause an error when used into handheld records, "An error occurred while updating the local database from the device."

BlackBerry 8130 Mounting Problems
- Users are reporting errors when trying to mount the BlackBerry 8130 as a USB mass storage device. The ability to mount on the Mac desktop as a Mass USB Storage device is functionality built into the BlackBerry 8130 and is not controlled by The Missing Sync software. But, if you can't mount the card on the Mac, you can't use The Missing Sync to synchronize photos, music or files to the card. We are actively investigating this issue, but recommend NOT mounting the card with the BlackBerry 8130 at this time.

Kernel Panic If You Plug In a BlackBerry That Is Rebooting - If you remove and replace the battery from your BlackBerry, let the device fully power up before plugging it into your Mac. Likewise, if the BlackBerry battery is completely dead, you should plug it into an AC adapter rather than into the Macintosh until the device has fully booted. This problem has been fixed by Research In Motion in recent system updates, so check for the latest operating system from your wireless carrier.
[Note: You will need a Windows PC or VMWare running Windows to install the update on the device].

iTunes & iPhoto
- iTunes and iPhoto syncing require a BlackBerry that supports an expansion card (e.g. Pearl 8100 or BlackBerry 8800).
- Early versions of the Pearl (BlackBerry 8100) did not support 2GB MicroSD cards. The most current BlackBerry software updates do support 2GB cards (check with your carrier or RIM about BlackBerry software updates)
- If the MicroSD card does not mount upon connection, check the BlackBerry Options > Advanced Options > Media Card, and set the "When Connected" option to Yes or Prompt. If you choose Prompt the device will prompt you whether to turn on Mass Storage Mode or not and you must choose Yes or No. If you have the preference to sync on connect you may not see this prompt until after the sync is complete and the card will not connect.

In order to play media files on the device while it is plugged into the Mac, you have to turn off mass storage mode. Ejecting the disk from the Finder or Missing Sync is not enough. The option is at Options/Advanced/Media Card/Mass Storage Mode. The mass storage mode must be on to sync iTunes and iPhoto and then off to play music or view photos on the device when connected.
Photos imported from the BlackBerry appear as an event in iPhoto 7 titled, "com.markspace.missingsync.blackberry-photos." You can easily edit this Event group name in iPhoto to something more relevant for your photos.

iCal does not support recurring tasks, but the BlackBerry device does. The Missing Sync will not sync a recurring device task. If such a task is encountered, the offending task is mentioned in the log. Before syncing again, you must edit the task to not repeat.
After a "reset sync history", any tasks that include a due date may generate a conflict. If you review the conflict you will notice that the Mac tasks have both a "due date" and "due date type", whereas the BlackBerry task only has a due date and the "due date type" is empty. Mark/Space recommends that you keep the BlackBerry version of the note to resolve the conflict.

Task priorities on the BlackBerry differ from ToDo priorities in iCal.
The Missing Sync maps them like this:

Tasks priority mapping:
- iCal ---> BlackBerry
- Very important ---> High
- Important ---> Normal
- Not Important ---> Low
- No Priority ---> Low

If "No priority" is set in iCal, then that priority is preserved on a round trip sync until the task is edited on the handheld.

Address Book
Duplicate phone numbers may result if you had the same contact on your BlackBerry and your Mac with slightly different formatted phone numbers. For example you had (408) 555-1212 on the device and 408.555.1212 on the Mac.

Phone numbers sync as follows:
- Mac <---> BlackBerry
- Work <---> Work
- Home <---> Home
- Mobile <---> Mobile
- Pager <----> Pager
- Fax <---> Fax
- Other <---> Other
- Main <---> Work 2
- N/A <---> Home 2
- Custom <---> Direct Connect (Nextel devices)
- User1 <---> User 1 (custom phone field)
- User2 <---> User 2 (custom phone field)
- User3 <---> User 3 (custom phone field)
- User4 <---> User 4 (custom phone field)
- PIN <---> PIN (custom phone field)

N/A = This field does NOT sync