General Nokia: Problems and useful information


General Nokia: Problems and useful information

Questions and Answers
Q: SD (Secure Digital) Cards are much cheaper than MMC cards, can I use them instead?
A: No, only MMCs are supports.

Q: What is the max. size of MMCs that can be used?
A: 512 MB should work for sure, 1GB maybe. But: It is not the size that matters. Some cards just won't work. Which can't be said. If you buy a card and it won't work: give it back!

Q: Where do I get the setting for MMS, WAP/GPRS, Internet and email?
A: The easiest way is Over-The-Air (OTA). Go to,8764,96,00.html (or the specific Nokia website of your country!). Choose you phone from the list. There you will find a link for your settings, follow the instructions. Nokia will be send to you OTA as SMS. You only have save the settings and maybe have to activate them. This service is free!
If your provider isn't listed, he might not support the phone at the moment (or its features like WAP 2.0 or else). Try the website of your provider. If there are no settings, the phone really isn't supported. Sometime the hotline of the provider can help, but it's quite a shot in the dark.

Q: Does this phone has this or that feature?
A: Before you ask here, look at the official Nokia site of the phone. Most questions are answered there (especially in the FAQ).

Q: How can I set an animated GIF as wallpaper so it will be animated?
A: You can't. If you set an animated GIF as wallpaper, it will only show the first frame.