iPhone sucks? iPhone fanboys still love the thing


iPhone fanboys still love the thing
-- iPhone sucks?

APPLE SEEMS TO BE DOING no wrong with its legions of fanboys despite serving up an Iphone and then later an Iphone 3G that was beset with problems.

Now Cnet has penned an article wondering why fanboys are so loyal to the product when it is pants.

For those that came in late, the 2G version of the phone was expensive. Those who bought it lost hundreds of dollars when Steve Jobs decided to drop the price overnight. It also suffered from the occasional problem of catching fire.

The 3G version was cheaper. That caught fire and was marred by bugs, spotty service, disappearing programs for the device and a veil of secrecy over software developers trying to work on it.

Confused CNet wondered how, whilst the Iphone griping rages online, Apple's reputation is coming through it.

Peter Fader, a marketing professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said that the company's loyal fans and even casual users have come to identify so strongly with Apple's image that they will turn a blind eye.

He said that Apple was lucky that it had an iconic status where anything it does, even if it is mediocre, will automatically have a halo around it.

Baba Shiv, a professor of marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, told Cnet that Apple's fans play down negative information to explain their relationship to the brand... and justify spending more for products that may not be better than the competition's.

Once people are that dumb, it is really hard to get them to change their minds about a product or company.

Ask yourself how many companies could actually sell a product with known flaws, such as the iPhone 3G and get away with it

Article wrote by a very good friend, Axonn!