LG Vu (Vx) for AT&T Mobile TV


LG Vu for AT&T Mobile TV
-- Review

-- picture: LG Vx 9400

About LG Vu
The LG Vu is a nice, polished phone that does a fine job handling AT&T's new Mobile TV network. The interface isn't perfect, far from it, but compared to other multimedia phones on AT&T's network, with one notable exception, it is the most fun of the bunch.

Best of all, AT&T's mobile TV network looks great on this phone, from the video playback to the onscreen program guide. Unfortunately, the Vu has some aggressive brethren in the touchscreen phone arena.

And here we're not thinking of the iPhone, or the recently released Samsung Instinct. Rather, we wonder why the Vu isn't the Viewty, LG's high-end video and multimedia phone available in Europe. With it's 2.0-megapixel autofocus camera, as well as its intuitive, though simple touch interface, there are some winning features. But there could have been a real champion in this device.
- Release: May 2008
- Price: $180.

AT&T's Mobile TV network looks great. Colorful, polished interface. Touch browsing on the Web.

Touch interface isn't as smooth and responsive as other devices we've seen. Could have been a feature powerhouse.