Sony Ericsson W350i Review, Specifications, Tech, Price

Sony Ericsson W350i Review, Specifications, Tech, Price

Overview and Price
The new Sony Ericsson W350i is a mid-level ranged mobile phone that adds to the Walkman series portfolio. As it has been a long time since a famous handset manufacturer launched a flip phone, W350i brings back the Sony Ericsson's T series feeling. Revamped and improved, W350i's design has that special retro look that will certainly make it as an 'eye-catcher' device. The public targeted is definitely going to love it, while those that are looking for a camera-phone or business-oriented device will probably hate it. In the end, it's all about personal preferences.

Announced in January 2008, Sony Ericsson W350i was launched on the market in May 2008. The flip phone is available in four different color versions: Graphic white, Ice blue, Electric black and Hypnotic black. Those interested in a good-looking mid-level handset can acquire it for around $230 USD.

The handset is made of pure plastic; it looks more like a toy rather than a cheap phone. The backside cover is made from a rubber-like plastic, while the rest is lusterless plastic. The device strongly resembles Sony Ericsson's T series, with its flip clap and retro design. The thin flip looks really flimsy and features external music controls. These offer haptic feedback when they're pressed. Actually, the user pushes the numeric keypad when using the external controls.

Sony Ericsson W350i flip phone doesn't feature any high-end multimedia function, so don't expect more than medium quality sound. Anyway, because it adds to the Walkman series portfolio, the phone includes features that are only available for this series' handsets. One of them is the Mega-Bass equalizer setting specific and the Walkman music player 2.0. The latter can be run in the background while listening to music.

Classy and stylish, Sony Ericsson W350i reminded me (with pleasure) of the T series handset that was highly regarded in the past. Its retro look aroused my interest the first time I laid my eyes on it. Very nice to the touch, balanced, slim and compact, Sony Ericsson W350i is one of the few low-budget phones that I would buy.

The Good
There are quite a few nice features that make W350i a good choice as a low-budget phone. Exquisite design, good quality multimedia features, above average battery and the possibility to expand its storage space make Sony Ericsson's W350i worth every penny. I cannot miss the low price of the handset, which turns it more appealing to the fans of the Swedish-Japanese company.

The Bad
I have found that not always a high quality display is enough for a handset; it also has to be a large one. The 1.9 inches TFT screen is surely too small for a multimedia-oriented handset and is definitely one important slack of the flip phone. Also, even if it looks compact, after using it for one month, I have discovered that it is a little bit flimsy, especially due to its thin flip. The last negative point 'scored' by W350i is the low quality camera, which should've been at least 2 Megapixel or not at all.