Nokia N85 with A-GPS and 5Mp camera and FM transmitter


Nokia N85 with A-GPS and 5Mp camera and FM transmitter
-- Review and specifications

About Nokia N85
Nokia N85 is the one of latest phone in Nokia N-range. The N85 boasts the usual impressive Nseries specification list: 5 megapixel camera (with dual LED flash and lens cover), integrated GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, FM transmitter and TV-out.

The N85 follows the design language of the N96 and N78 with the 3D 'adzed' plastic on the back of the device, the hard silver / grey plastics on the side of the device and a predominantly flat, black and shiny plastic on the front of the device. It also has the hidden-till-lit control key cluster design, made from a single piece of plastic, but with each key having its own key dome.

The new N85 has 2.6 inch OLED display. It will give you very clear and natural pictures. The N85 is the first Nokia S60 model to support USB charging and the first Nokia device to support simultaneous charging and data transfer. The microUSB (Hi-Speed USB 2.0) connector is also used for PC connectivity, media sync, printing and USB mass storage (client). The N85 does not have a 2mm power port, instead a microUSB charger (Nokia AC-10) will be provided.

Like many recent N-series phones, N85 has 5Mp camera. But unlike N95 or N96, N85 has a cover for protect camera. And a dual LED flash included. Another newest feature is the FM transmitter. The 3.5mm stereo headphone jack is also used for TV-out and it has a A-GPS navigator and Nokia maps application.