Logitech Harmony 890 Universal Remote


Logitech Harmony 890 Universal Remote
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Logitech Harmony Remote Brings It All Together
DVRs, audio receivers, massive LCD displays, spent Mountain Dew containers. Your living room is a chaotic mess of electronic components and soft drink bottles. How to make sense of it? With one remote to rule them all! Logitech levels the playing field between the savvy technophile and the digitally challenged with the Harmony 890. Simple set-up via USB connection to a computer tames up to 15 devices with macros like Watch TV or Listen to the Radio. All that's left for a viewer to do is to pick a task and relax. Just pick up that sticky junk on your floor first.

WIRED LCD screen shows every function of the remotes it replaces. Converts IR signal to RF eliminating line-of-sight issues. Remote can be programmed via computer and with your existing remotes. Charging base keeps the battery fresh. Compatible with Z-wave technology for home appliance control.

TIRED Can be laggy, making fine adjustments in volume difficult. RF receiver uses four sticky IR emitters, limiting number and placement of hidden equipment unless additional RF extenders are purchased.

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