Panasonic: multimedia phone


Panasonic: multimedia phone
-- Panasonic: multimedia phone, no longer a luxury (interview)

Mobile phones with coloured displays, digital camera and polyphonic ringtones are becoming standard terminals, in demand, no longer being just a fashionable accessory or a whim, Stefan Ichim, marketing and sales manager of Panasonic Romania's telecommunications department.

This type of mobile phones will next year have prices below 100 euros (without subsidies from operators), and sales will exceed the sales of classical black-and-white mobile phones, the Panasonic official feels.

"Panasonic phones are already equipped with such multimedia facilities and next year probably all phones will be of this type," said Ichim.

The Japanese company has brought onto the domestic market a whole range of mobile phones, in a bid to gain market share and become one of the top players on this market. "A complete range of products is essential in approaching a market," specified Stefan Ichim.

"For the time being, we want to be present on the market and cater to all the tastes and preferences of consumers," Ichim stated.

Interview with Stefan Ichim, Panasonic