BlackBerry Storm Review


BlackBerry Storm Review

The Blackberry storm reviews are in and they are mixed, mainly depending on how much reviewers love the iPhone (yup, there are real fanboys out there). But here's how the Storm turns out:

+ display It has an awesome display with great resolution and contrast.
+ Solid messaging
-No physical keyboard
-No graphics acceleration

Some call it the "best Blackberry ever", and some just call it "awkward and disappointing". I think that one should just not expect miracles from the virtual keyboard. I've tested plenty of phones with a tactile feedback and they will not replace or even get close to a physical keyboard if you like typing fast. Let's be clear: people don't love the virtual keyboards - they love the big display and the virtual keyboard is the price to pay to get it.

Blackberry Storm: First Look Review

Lucky, lucky, Stuart gets his hands on the shiny new Blackberry Storm 9500 on the day of it's launch in the UK. What are his first impressions?

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