Samsung Blast appears on T-Mobile

Samsung Blast appears on T-Mobile

T-Mobile announced availability of the Samsung Blast, a curious slider phone decked out in glossy black with red accents.

The Blast sports a larger keyboard with letters in a QWERTY arrangement sharing keys, about two to a key. We've seen similar layouts on the T-Mobile Pearl, and more significantly, on the Samsung SGH-T719.

Generally, we've found the idea to be successful, so we're interested in getting our hands on a review unit of the Blast. Along with the specialized keypad, the Blast also features presets for e-mail from services like AOL and Yahoo.

Otherwise, besides the design, the phone has a solid set of features, but nothing groundbreaking. Compared with the T719, you get the same 1.3-megapixel camera, the same 176 by 220 resolution screen.

Of course, the older phone had BlackBerry Connect software, for some serious e-mailing potential, but also cost twice as much as the Blast when it was originally released.

The Blast also features stereo Bluetooth support, and T-Mobile's popular MyFaves plan. It is available as of today, and can be had for $100 with a contract agreement.