China Operators to Get LG 3G Phones


China Operators to Get LG 3G Phones

As many of you might already know, the Chinese government granted mobile phone carriers in the country licenses to deploy 3G networks in the area, and the roll-outs have already begun. As the highly anticipated advanced mobile services are expected to go live this year, states LG, the 3G mobile phone market in China should double next year, growing from 14 million units in 2009 to around 30 million units in 2010.

LG Electronics has been appointed one of the phone suppliers for China Mobile, the largest carrier in the country, as well as around the world when it comes to the number of subscribers. The wireless operator is set to offer its customers 3G mobile services based on the national developed TD-SCDMA technology.

In addition to the devices it will supply to China Mobile, the Korean phone maker will also supply China Telecom with about one third of the 3G devices it will need during the ongoing year, according to LG. China Telecom is the leading fixed-line phone company in the country, and it is set to deploy a 3G wireless network that is based on the CDMA 2000 technology.

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