Nokia E 71 (after using review)


Nokia E 71 (after using review)

Nokia E 71 is a series of Nokia mobile phone blackberry released at the end of the year 2008. Nokia E 71 has an advantage in terms of design and email sweet private professionals. Forms a thin mobile phone to make this easy-to go under where.

Feature / Design
Concepts are presented in the design of this phone is the mobile phone business that has a design sweet. Sweet shown this effect with the feel of silver chrome which is the dominant mobile phone and thickness is 10 mm. Nokia E71 also has two modes that can be personalized home screen, with the concept of landscape with the view that more dynamic and feature rich icon. In the mobile phone keypad already adopted this type full QWERTY and five-way scroll key.

Nokia E 71 already has Quick office with the ability to replace and word auto find and advanced formatting for ease of set up in the display. In addition there are active notes that make the message useful notes that can be combined with wireless multimedia presenter and English dictionary.

On the Nokia E71 features A-GPS that can be combined in Nokia Maps (Maps 3D) that is able to follow the integrated schedule private owner. Where are the owners go the phone is always accompany and help set the schedule that has been stored in the mobile phone.

This camera is equipped with 3, 15 Mega pix can create a close-up, red eye, white balance, flash and flight capability. Front of a camera capable of recording video with a capacity large enough and capable of video 2x digital zoom. Video made later can be a variety of file formats such as mp4, 3g, and MPEG-4 VSP.
In order to support the public's privacy regulations in some countries, SHUTTER click sound (click sound when recording digital still images, in particular version e71) can not be silent.

This phone has a fairly good ability to explore the Internet. Exploration of this application can use GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA and WiFi. When you are in the hotspot location, users can learn the Internet for free. In addition, the easy with the micro USB port to transfer important files from mobile to PC / notebook or vice versa.

Local connectivity and synchronization
Series Nokia E71 has a lot of connectivity that will help users, such as infrared, Bluetooth version 2.0, Network (Raw), socket connection TCP / IP, Network (lpr), and Line Printer Daemon protocol. For connectivity there is also support Sync ML synchronization local, remote, I Sync, Intellisync, and Active Syn.

Music player on the Nokia E71 is equipped equalizer, shuffle, genres, playlists, bass booster and composer. Music format that can play any variety such as MP3, WMA and AAC.

Voice Aid
This feature is very useful for the blind, because it will be assisted to surfing menu to listen to the sound of the names in the Phonebook and referrals to make calls.

Nokia E 71 even though the focus for the business but also has facilities Radio. Radio on the phone to use this concept with the visual radio features manual tuning. This phone also provides a save station is capable of capturing 50-channel and multi-tasking ability.

Nokia E 71 using a standard battery BP-4L 1500 mAh Li-Po that is able to use non-stop talking to the GSM 10 hours 30 minutes and WCDMA 4 hours 30 minutes. Standby time to 17 days GSM, WCDMA and up to 20 days WLAN idle up to 166 hours.

Call Features
Series E 71 has many features to make calls that make it easier for its user so that calls can be in any condition that is integrated hands free like this speaker phone, autoresponder with headset or car kit, and key free answerer.

Security Features
In the E 71 series have the advantages in terms of process data so that the phone has a system that was quite a lot of devices such as key, remote key and the encryption of data that is installed on the phone and memory cards micro SD Mobile