Google Says It’s Shipping 65,000 Android Phones Daily


Google (NSDQ: GOOG) feels it’s not getting credit for how strong sales of Android-powered phones are, so CEO Eric Schmidt is going on the offensive, telling shareholders that the company’s partners are shipping at least 65,000 handsets with the Google open-source operating system every day, according to AFP.

Schmidt’s comments follow market researcher NPD’s report that the dozen or so Android-based smartphones have out-sold Apple’s one and only iPhone. In February, Schmidt said that 60,000 Android devices were being shipped each day.

The NPD report ranked RIM’s BlackBerry in the top spot with 36 percent market share, while Apple’s OS fell to third at 21 percent, placing Google’s Android in the middle with 28 percent.

After announcing the latest figure highlighting Android’s place in the market, Schmidt complained that “if you check the blogosphere, you’ll discover there are some reports that that number might be quite low.” Nevertheless, the AFP article did not say if Schmidt discussed shipping numbers for Google’s own Nexus One handset.

Google is stressing the “openness” of its its system versus Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), which has recently come under fire for its tight control of what sort of software apps and websites can use on its iPhone and iPad devices.

While Apple remains ahead in terms of the apps available for its device, Schmidt said the company is willing to be patient. “While it’s true that we’re very happy to give away Android, the applications and the services that can be provided on a very large, very broad framework can be enormously valuable over the next five or 10 years.”