Fastest cell phone in the world unlimited text $10 Virgin Mobile Kyocera Jax Web Speed Test


We've all been in tight cash times and we've all wanted that super deal, so this review is for those of you who want to know how to get a decent phone activated quick, and CHEAP, that can text and surf the web unlimited! You CAN not find anything cheaper than this phone!

The phone is under $10 and performs faster than the same version Metro PCS sells for $99. The virgin mobile network is the Sprint network. It is better, faster, stronger. You can buy this phone anywhere for 10 bucks, and buy a $25 card and have a working cell phone and unlimited text and web for under $35 and you're on! No contracts, no hassles, hell you don't even have to give them your real name. I don't plan to stay on this phone but it has served me well. Virgin mobile just vastly reduced the price of their plans to include all data / texting / internet.

You only pay more for more minutes... $25 being the lowest 300 prime time minutes and unlimited nights and weekends, and $60 being unlimited everything, all the time. I am planning to upgrade to the LG Rumor Touch or Blackberry Curve. I was thinking of going to Metro PCS because of the samsung code, but metro pcs is slow and unreliable.

UPDATE!: I should ad that I went in and played with the Metro PCS Samsung Code today in one last test.

While the CODE is a wonderful phone - metro pcs web service sucks.. it is slow slow slow - even in NYC one of the main hubs! In the battle between boost, virgin mobile, and metro pcs, if you want any kind of speed - virgin mobile wins. Even this dinky $9 phone was faster than the $300 samsung code on metro pcs when web browsing!

Source: YouTube