Intel engineers quit hanging around


Faced with the challenge of creating the world’s biggest Intel chime, five intrepid employees from Intel Romania throw themselves at the problem, literally!

Following the success of the 2009 Cannonbells viral which delivered more than one million views, the EMEA marketing team has created a sequel: Bass Jump.

The Bass Jump viral features five intrepid employees from Intel Romania who create the world’s largest Intel bong, as they fall from a rooftop onto inflatable cushions. As each one lands, the gust of air triggers a horn blast, with the five notes mirroring the well-known Intel bong sequence.

The viral is designed to create a humorous take on Intel’s Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign, which emphasises Intel’s latest technological innovations, demonstrating how the brand is helping to shape the future, while also showing the human side of the company.

Bass Jump focuses on the promotion of the Intel brand, rather than a processor product, to help show the brand in a new and creative light. It follows in the footsteps of last year’s Cannonbells viral, which saw Intel staff being fired from five cannon at giant wind chimes, to create the Intel audio signature.

The Bass Jump website features the main video, behind-the-scenes footage and profiles of the characters involved, as well as a link to a Flash-based game in which the player must correctly time the five jumpers in order to get the chime to sound right.

The Bass Jump game is hosted on its own Facebook page, so people can become Bass Jump fans and play the Bass Jump game.